Personal Training FAQ

How do I sign up?  

The best way to sign up is to call or see one of our Member Services representatives in the membership office.  Our Member Services representative can schedule your first appointment with one of our Professional Trainers.

For more information or to schedule an assessment please call (562) 438-1176 or click here.

Do I have to buy a package of sessions?  

You do not have to buy a package of sessions.  But we do have a 20% discount for your first five sessions, as a new client.

Do you have a cancellation policy?  

Yes, we require a 24 hour notice for cancellation.

I have bad knees/shoulders/elbows/back etc…  

Then setting up an appointment and going through an assessment will be perfect for you.  Our Personal Trainers are uniquely equipped to assess, train and continue rehab for people of all ages, and athletes at all levels that may be hampered with injuries, limited movement abilities, back and joint problems, or simply struggle to reach their desired level of fitness or performance.

How much weight will I lose/ fit will I get?  

Each person’s body is different and as Professional Trainers we can not determine exactly how much weight you will lose.  What we can do is keep you responsible to your exercise routine and help get you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

My downfall is nutrition; will you help me with that?  

As Professional Trainers we can not prescribe a diet, but we can help keep you on track and refer you to a nutritionist if you would like to speak with one.

What makes your trainers different from other personal trainers?  

The Belmont Athletic Club Trainers are masters at creating specialized workouts that align with your personality as well as help you reach your physiological and bio-mechanical needs and goals.  It’s a motivating and effective approach that helps you attain the aesthetic and performance results you desire in the shortest possible time.

How often should I meet with a Personal Trainer?  

During your first two sessions with our Personal Trainers you will discuss your goals and your schedule.  With this information you and your trainer will come up with the best program for you to follow, to meet those goals, and the frequency you will want to meet with a trainer.

Do I have to train alone, if I am with a Personal Trainer?

No, you have the options of one-on- one training, partner training or small group training.

What can I expect from my first session with a Personal Trainer?

Your first session with a trainer is critical to helping you set up a foundation for success. Our trainers spend a good portion of the first session talking with you to determine which type of program is going to help you stay motivated so you are consistent enough to progress, experience results and succeed. There will also be a short health history taken. We may begin the first of two sessions doing a postural assessment.