The Annual Holiday Fitness Challenge has wrapped and winners will soon be chosen. Thank you all for participating and accepting the challenge to stay fit through the holidays. Our hope is that you’ll stick with it and continue challenging yourself throughout the New Year, making your health & fitness a top priority.


When you find yourself setting the same goals year after year it’s time to shake things up! If you have felt unsuccessful in past attempts to ‘get fit’ or weigh a specific number, try digging deeper this time around when setting goals. Rather than choosing a weight goal simply because it’s what you weighed in High School, ask yourself what you’d like to look like or how you’d like to feel and base your goals around your discoveries. Ideally your goals will have deep meaning for you, not just your doctor, family, or social circle. After some long thought it’s time to get your goals in writing and be as specific as you possibly can, sparing no detail! Be sure to include a statement based in the future- write a sentence or entire story envisioning that you’ve already reached your goals and now you’re reflecting on how you look/feel. Next, talk it out with people that care. Sharing what you’re up to will help you process your goals even more (maybe you’ll revise what you’ve written) as well as provide you with accountability.

You have the power to change habits and create the body and health status of your dreams- you’re not sharing your goals in order to get advice but rather to get extra encouragement. You have the tools you need to succeed as well because you belong to a gym full of resources and are part of a community that caters to active, healthy lifestyles. You will have yourself to thank when you reach your goals, having thrown all excuses aside and overcoming every obstacle that comes your way during the process. There will be tough days but that just makes the prize that much more meaningful and rewarding when you get there.

January 1st may have already passed but it’s surely not too late to pin point what you truly desire for yourself this year. Give yourself the gift of intention by taking the time to set well thought-out goals. If you find yourself stumped remember to talk it out with others. You can also set a complimentary Fitness Appointment or reach out to the Member Coach, Amanda or for guidance. 2013 is here challenging you to get with it and commit to something big!


For the month of January Childcare will remain open until 1:00pm Monday-Friday and resume again at 4:00pm (evening and weekend hours have not changed). This gives you the chance to check out our lineup of 12-1pm classes such as Zumba, Dancing With The Stars, and Barre. Be sure to book your reservations! If this goes over well we would like to offer the expanded hours beyond January.


Yin Yoga has been added Mondays 7:30-9:00pm and Sundays 4:00-5:25pm
Monica’s new yoga mixes poses, meditation, and modern techniques Saturdays at 4pm
Run Club is focusing on 10k training and all levels are welcome Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am
To participate in Racquetball League contact Amanda Case:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saturdays January 12 & 26 and February 9 & 23, 7:15-9am for 4-5 miles of intermediate hiking. Meet Scott from 7:00am at Pacific Whey Café/Starbucks: 7962 PCH, Newport Coast. Café (949)715-2200. If you're planning on coming, it's helpful if we know to expect you! Scott: (562)668-1904


Are you ready to make that change you’ve been pondering? It’s time to stop thinking about it and get to work! Whether it’s competing in a race, entering a competition, dropping or adding pounds, or improving your balance our Personal Trainers can help you make 2013 your year to shine! Read our bios online or in the club and call us directly to get started. We understand there’s no time to waste when your goals are on the line and we look forward to partnering with you soon to help you succeed

“Everything we do begins and ends with our members.”