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Thank you for being a part of the Belmont Athletic Club family. We are always striving to provide ways to assist you in attaining your fitness and wellness goals. Our monthly Newsletter will provide you not only with club events, but health related articles for continuous motivation.

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February Features:

Cold and flu season is upon us and you're probably hoping you don't catch some nasty bug that will have you down and out for the better part of a week. Those invisible germs are lurking everywhere-door handles, your computer keyboard, your cell phone, the weights at the gym-waiting to invade and cause sniffles, sneezes, coughs and body aches. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of getting sick by filling up on immune-boosting foods.

Many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help boost your immune system. Vitamins C and D, zinc, selenium, probiotics, beta-carotene and curcumin are some of the most important nutrients to consume. They act in different ways in the body to kill viruses, increase activity of white blood cells and decrease inflammation so that you can feel better faster or not get sick in the first place.
A great immune-boosting foods include bone broth (homemade or store bought), miso, kefir, turmeric (must be mixed with black pepper for it to work), sweet potatoes, green tea, ginger, garlic, shiitake mushrooms and raw honey. Of course, more potent foods could be added to this list, but these rank the highest overall.  
Breakfast: Oats + Yogurt + Berries + Chia Seeds. Prepare a big batch of overnight oats in a slow-cooker that is enough to last a few days. Each morning add in other ingredients.
Lunch/Dinner: Turkey Burgers + Quinoa + Roasted Vegetables. Grill turkey burger patties (make enough for a few extra meals), cook a pot of quinoa and roast at least two different vegetables.

Great immune-boosting combinations :

Immune Boosting Combinations



5:15 AM - Igniter Spin with Heather
8:00 AM - Spin with Heather
6:15 PM - Spin with Danielle
7:30 PM - T otal Body Workouts: Various Instructors
8:00 AM - Power House Spin with Heather
7:30 PM - Yoga Class: Various styles & Instructors
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 PM Outdoor Tabata class will be back on schedule March 14.
Make sure you check  out our Schedule Online , at the Front Desk, or on our App on a regular basis for any changes.  
As always, please contact Stephanie with any suggestions or concerns you have regarding our programs.


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