Congratulations to our Anniversary Raffle Winners!

BBQ Grill- Matt Weber

Dark Green Bike- Kellyn Carlson Light Green Bike- Rob Katchen

Patio Cooler- Maria Michaelson

3 Months of Dues- Hitch Elkins 5 Months of Dues- Floyd Flanagan

$35 Murphy's Gift Certificate - Keegan Pabst

Updated Group Exercise Schedule

(changes in bold)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Erika G - Wednesday's 7:30 - 9 PM

Elevated Energy w/Erika B - Thursday's @ 6:30 PM Group Exercise Studio

Thursday evening ZUMBA CANCELED

Spin w/Erin E - Friday's @ 5:15 AM

ZUMBA w/Rachel M - Friday's @ 5:30 PM Bring a friend for FREE!

Saturday Mindful Mornings in the park is CANCELED

ZUMBA w/Amber R Saturday's @ 12:45 PM 

How to keep your next vacation & business trip from interfering with your workout routines!

Maintaining a workout routine while traveling does not have to be impossible. While most of us claim we gained at least five pounds on our last trip, it is actually less than one pound. The change in our daily routine can cause the body to retain water and disrupt the digestive system, leaving us feeling bloated. When traveling, daily water intake is reduced, are more sedentary than usual, ingest food higher in sodium, & may not sleep as well. Here are a few ideas to help make your next trip less painful:

* body awareness & posture - maintain proper alignment by sitting with your feet touching the ground, hip-width apart. Find your neutral spine, roll your shoulders around, tilt your head side to side, right and left, roll wrists & ankles. Do several times an hour.

* movement - maintaining circulation, range of motion and exercising muscles with five to 10 simple exercises whether you are in a hotel, airport, rest stop, etc. 

Hotel, airport, rest stop exercises - Perform each exercise 30-60 seconds  Squats  Lunges (forward, back, hold)  Standing side leg lift  Plank hold  Hip circles  Push-ups  Sit-ups  Jump rope. Have little ones?  Have them scooter, jump rope, or join you as they need movement too!

Sitting on an airplane for hours can cause blood to pool in the deep veins which can lead to clots, especially in the legs. To avoid an increase in blood pressure, sit with your knees at various angles during the flight. If you can’t get up and walk the following exercises will help keep blood flowing. Airplane exercises – 50 reps  Ankle rolls & calf raises  Push one foot down into floor at a time, squeezing your glutes(buns)  Alternate knee lifts  Abductor/adductor – use your hands to resist thighs moving out/in

* improving digestion - maintain energy levels with sweet potatoes (baked night before & wrapped in foil), place sliced turkey in zip lock bag, meal replacement bars, apples, oranges, & bananas. To avoid headaches and indigestion, eat fresh pineapple or drink coconut water. Add lemon to drinking water to assist with indigestion, boating, & constipation. Pack trail mix- 3 handfuls of nuts to 1 handful of dried fruit (to avoid sugar imbalance). Protein powder to mix with water, add cinnamon to balance blood sugar. Replace bigger meals with small snacks & adjust them to the new time zone. Try these apps for eating healthy: iFly Pro-helps you find restaurants near your gate in the airport. Clean Plate-searches for the best options near you (yelp for the health nut). Find Me Gluten Free - searches for gluten-free options near your location. Contact one of our trainers for more ideas or assistance



1st place: 3 free months of dues was @catalinalvr

2 runner up's: 1 free month of dues each was @connieoser & @akvileharlow

 Hydrating Foods

Water is the obvious key to hydration, but you can hydrate through many of the foods you eat.

Cucumbers: With a water content of 95%, they also contain phytonutrients that have been linked to anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

Tomatoes: At 94% water & 30 calories/cup, they also contain antioxidant lycopene, vitamin C, & potassium.

Skim Milk: Containing 91% water, protein, & sodium makes this a great post workout beverage.

Strawberries: 91% water, Vitamin C, and 3 grams of fiber/cup.

Read more....

 "Paint the Glass"

August 5th 7 - 9 PM

Featuring Blue Moon Horchata Beer

Contact Murphy's Pub to reserve your glass

 Take A Hike!!

August 8th & 22nd

7-9 AM for 4-5 miles of intermediate hiking.

Meet Scott at Starbucks at 6:55 AM. Starbucks: 7958 E. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach 949.376.5221 or 7 AM at El Moro Visitor Center $15 parking: 8471 PCH, Laguna Beach. Scott's cell: 562.668.1904 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Group Training Sessions

I am looking for members who would like to participate in Group Training Sessions. Sessions are 60 minutes long and as low as $25 per session, 1-2 times per week, starting in August. 2 people for 6 PM 3 people for 7 PM

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Metabolic Rate Check

2 for 1 Test Only $25 (50% Savings)

Would you like to know your Metabolic Rate? Our MetaCheck Metabolic Rate Test is a simple, 10 minute breath test. During the test, the air you breathe out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed. You will receive a full page printout that will compare your metabolic rate to predicted normal values based on your height, age, weight, & sex. It will also suggest caloric intake based on your metabolic rate. Body fat and weight will also be measured on our scale.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your appointment & learn about test preparation. By appointment only. Retest 6 weeks after first test, both test used by same person, 1 package per person. Offer expires 8/31/15 

Stretching & Floor Exercise Areas

Searching for floor space? There are several areas on the second and third level of the club that can be used. Most of the spaces offer mats, stretch straps, foam rollers, etc. On the second level - in front of or inside racquetball courts. The third level - Group Ex room (Studio A) & Spin room (Studio B) when there is not a class in session, Studio C (between spin room & Murphy's), & open area loft. For your safety, please do not use the weight room for floor exercises or stretching. Need help? Contact one of our trainers to help locate a space that works for you!!

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