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 July 11th

Join us in remembering our long time member and friend

Frank Panter

"Tennessee Frank"

10 AM - 12 PM @ Murphy's Pub


  Have you seen the new T Bar holder & handle?

No more shoving the bar against the wall!

You can find the holder by the squat rack & the handle on the rack by the bench press.



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The 5 Basic Healthy Meal Formulas Everyone Should Know

You probably have at least one non-recipe already. Maybe it's a stir-fry that has

a different protein and veggies in it each time you make it, and you also serve

over different grains. Here are 5 great formulas for healthy eating.

 5 Basic Formulas 


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Group Training Sessions

 We are looking for 2-4 people who would like to participate in Group Training Sessions.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and as low as $25 per session.  6 PM or later. Contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested or need more info.


Stretch to Improve Hip Flexion & Performance

Many men struggle with inflexibility and diminished joint range of motion, especially as they age. Hip tightness, for example, can hinder athletic performance and possibly lead to various injuries. Unfortunately, stretching often takes a back seat to cardiovascular and strength training. The good news is that you can increase hip flexibility using effective stretches with continuously looped resistance bands. The stretches can help restore agility, strength, power and balance.

Hip Rotation

* From supine, place right foot firmly against wall, knee straight (keep this contact throughout). 

* Loop band around left foot and, with L hip flexed at 90 degrees, grasp band 2 inches from L foot.

* Pull band and foot toward R shoulder while allowing L knee to bend, feeling strong stretch in L glute; hold 2-3 seconds before releasing.

* Repeat multiple times for 1 minute, bringing L foot closer to R shoulder with each rep. Do not allow R knee to bend.

* Switch sides.


Wrap band firmly and securely over arch of L foot.

* Grasp band approximately 6-8 inches from L foot while placing R foot firmly against wall, R knee fully   straightened. Keep it straightened throughout movement.

* With elbows on floor at shoulder height, press L heel toward ceiling, straightening L knee as much as possible.

* Perform rhythmical repetitions, straightening L knee and flexing L hip more with each rep while preventing R knee from flexing.

* Between reps, bend L knee just enough so that stretch tension is taken off L hamstring.

* Switch sides.

Anterior Hip and Thigh

To optimally stretch anterior hip and thigh, actively engage opposite hamstring to avoid compensation. Also, engage core to avoid arching in low back.

* Wrap band around R foot and lie on R side.

* Bring L leg in front, flexing L knee and hip to 90 degrees while firmly placing foot on floor.

* Position R leg behind you. Firmly grasp band behind head.

* Fully extend elbows, increasing band tension. Actively move elbows through full range of motion to stretch R anterior hip and thigh.

* Keep R thigh behind body, not in front. This will ensure both hip and thigh are being stretched simultaneously.

* Switch sides.

Adductor/Groin Stretch 

* With band attached to L foot, hold L elbow relatively close to floor at shoulder height. Press R leg firmly against stable structure (this is key).

* Rhythmically press L heel laterally and upward, trying to straighten knee fully with each rep. Keep movement short; release when tension is off muscle; repeat.

* Maximize full range of motion with each rep while keeping R leg flat and foot secure.

* Switch sides.

Click for pictures

   Gym Etiquette

For your safety & consideration for others

Cardio Room 1. Wipe down equipment after use 2. Liquid-  Make sure your water bottle/cup has a lid, water & electronics do not mix  3. Please consult others before turning of ceiling or floor fans, they may prefer extra air.

Weight Room 1. Please return all equipment to proper place (especially dumbbells) 2.  Do not stand in front of dumbbell rack to perform exercises  3.  Do not lie down under plate loading machines  4.  Do not bang weight machines (it can loosen weight stack or crack the weight plates) - you may just need to adjust your settings to allow a greater range of motion.

Group X Room 1. Please arrive to class on time, entering the room AFTER the class has begun can disrupt the flow.

Metabolic Rate Check

 Only $25 (50% Savings)

Would you like to know your Metabolic Rate? Our MetaCheck Metabolic Rate Test is a simple, 10 minute breath test. During the test, the air you breathe out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed. You will receive a full page printout that will compare your metabolic rate to predicted normal values based on your height, age, weight, & sex. It will also suggest caloric intake based on your metabolic rate. Body fat and weight will also be measured on our scale.

Contact  Stephanie [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] to schedule your appointment & learn about test preparation. By appointment only.

Stop by fitness office to view a sample printout.

  Rise -n- Shine TABATA

with Marita 5:10 AM M/W/F

 Take A Hike!!

                July 11th & 25th * 7-9 AM for 4-5 miles of intermediate hiking. Meet Scott at Starbucks at 6:55 AM.                                Starbucks: 7958 E. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach 949.376.5221 or 7 AM at El Moro Visitor Center $15   parking: 8471 PCH, Laguna Beach. Scott's cell: 562.668.1904 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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