Happy Holidays!

December Holiday Schedule
6th - Belmont Shore Xmas Parade - CLUB CLOSES @ 4 PM
17th - Hanukkah begins
24th - Christmas Eve - 5 AM - 12 PM
25th - Christmas Day - CLOSED
31st - New Year's Eve - 5 AM - 3 PM

Need gift ideas?

Try a Gift Certificate from the Belmont Athletic Club.
1 Month Membership, Personal Training Sessions, Massage, Murphy's Pub, and more

Smart Goal Method

Every year around this time we psych ourselves up with a New Year's Resolution to "start the diet" or "get back to a regular routine" right after the Holidays.  After a few months those goals typically go right out the window!  Did you
reach your 2014 Fitness goals?  If so, Congratulations!!  If not, what kept you from attaining them? 
If you have trouble attaining your New Year's Fitness Goals, try to set effective goals is using
the SMART goal method.

Specific: The goals must specifically state what is to be accomplished. They must be clear and easy to understand and should not be ambiguous. Think about the end result such as a 5k or making it to the gym 3 days/week.

Measurable: The goals must be measurable so that you can see the progress. For example, a goal of "I want to lose 5 pounds" has a measurable component compared to "I want lose weight," which is more ambiguous.

Attainable: A goal should be realistically attainable. The achievement of attaining a goal reinforces commitment to a program or healthy change and encourages you to continue. For example, a goal of "losing 30 pounds in 1 month" is not an attainable goal.

Relevant: The goals must be relevant to your particular interests, needs and abilities. For example, running 1-kilometer sprints would not be the best approach to training for a half marathon.

Time-bound: The goals must contain an estimated timeline or deadline for completion. Timelines can be both short-term and long-term and should help you stay focused and on track.  

Don't wait until January to set your goals. Schedule a Fitness appointment or hire one of our Personal Trainers to help you get a jump start on your 2015 fitness goals. 

 Childcare Events

 A BIG "Thank You" to those of you who participated in our 1st Annual Toy Drive for Millers Children's Hospital & Parents Night Out. We had a blast & look to continue those events throughout the year. 

   Knowledge + Action = Results' Workshops 

Register at front desk or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015 Fitness Goal Setting: 12/6 @ 9:15 AM, 12/10 @ 6:30 PM with Stephanie.

RSVP at front desk or email

Stronger Core, Better Balance12/18 @ 10 AM

Downhill Skiing...there is snow somewhere - TBD

 28 Day Body Transformation - Register 12/27 - 1/10. Can start anytime within dates 

SeafoodWatch List Update

There are many significant health benefits to eating plenty of fish and other seafood, but the delicate state of the world's oceans and fisheries is putting regular consumption in peril. According to SeafoodWatch, a program developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, nearly 85% of the world's fisheries are either fished to capacity or overfished. The type of seafood you choose can positively or negatively impact fisheries, individual species and many other factors affecting the long-term sustainability of ocean habitats. According to its website, SeafoodWatch uses science-based, peer-reviewed methods to assess how fisheries and farmed seafood impact the environment; it also recommends "Best Choices," "Good Alternatives" and items to "Avoid." Recommendations aimed at helping consumers to make informed choices were updated recently at www.seafoodwatch.org  

 Club Remodel Update

Many of you have heard that we are planning a remodel for the first floor of The Belmont. We wanted to hold off on releasing details of the project until we knew the plans were set and the start date could be confirmed. There have been a number of issues that have prolonged this project getting started and a couple more have recently materialized. Because of these delays we are going to adjust our plan and do some work just on the flooring immediately. This work is not part of the final plan for the remodel but it will clean up our 1st flooring issue for the short term until we can provide you with the complete product you deserve. The plan is to have the flooring work done after hours so this should not interrupt much, if any, of your regular routine. If any problems with this flooring replacement do arise we will work as hard as possible to have them resolved quickly and post any changes in club hours if needed.

We also want to apologize for how long it has taken to get this work started. Our plan was to have this work beginning almost 2 years ago but for several reasons we were delayed time and time again. The final delay involves the city and we have people working to resolve it as quickly as possible. In the meantime we greatly appreciate the support and understanding that we have received, but the condition of that floor is unacceptable to us as we know it is to you too. We thank you for choosing to be a member of The Belmont and we will work hard to make you happy with that choice.

 Portabello Stroganoff 

This delicious portabello stroganoff is a hearty and healthful vegan meal that's easy enough to make on a weeknight but special enough for a weekend occasion.  

Author: Vegin' Out    Recipe type: Dinner      Serves: 4    

Click here for recipe 

Recipe compliments of Shad Loh, owner of Vegin' Out.

December Vegin' Out Special50% Off your 4th vegan meal order when you buy 3 vegan meals            Coupon code: Special50 www.VeginOut.com    (800) 420-4927

 Self Myofascial Release

 The condition of our connective tissue depends on two factors—how old we are & what we have done in our lives to keep our tissue healthy, hydrated, and flexible. The goal of SMR is to rehydrate & unstuck the tissue below the skin via foam rolling or small ball. This will help you regain or maintain movements needed for an active lifestyle.

Start SMR with the hands and feet. Tightness in the feet and hands may be the source of pain in the knees and hips or shoulders and neck.

Copy of exercises available in lobby.

Try a foam rolling class with Austin on Mondays @ 3:45 PM

Rock 'N Roll 

Holiday Quick Fix  

Enroll in our 4 week program to keep you focused during the holidays! See a trainer once, twice or 3x per week with costs as low as $68/session.

 For more info & trainer availability, contact Stephanie

Team Training

Our Team Training programs allow you to work out and share the costs with other members. It's a fun, effective and cost-efficient way to train with a trainer on a regular basis. NEW programs starting soon!

Belmont Shoppers Guide

Check out our "Member Discount" section on our website for some great holiday gift ideas.

 Take A Hike!

Join Scott Scharkey for a workout outdoors! He will be leading intermediate/advanced hikes through El Moro Canyon on Dec: 13th & 27th. The hike is approximately 4-8 miles long. Meet Scott at Starbucks at 6:55 AM to ride share (7958 E. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach  949.376.5221) or 7:00 AM at El Moro Visitor Center (8471 PCH, Laguna Beach), $15 Parking For more details contact Scott (562)668-1904

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

   "Everything we do begins and ends with our members.