Re-opening is set for Friday March 19th!

 The Belmont will finally re-open on Friday March 19th at 5am. Not all of our group exercise classes will return to inside sessions immediately. Please check the schedule to see what classes will be offered.

Please downloaded or update our app as we will use it for club check-in and class sign-ups.  We have also added several new features.

We will send/post safety protocols and CDC guidelines for club use plus class sign-up instructions soon.

Welcome back!!



I wanted to check in with Belmont members to give you a quick update. As of Wednesday the 21st we have not received any word from the city or county as to a reopening date. We are seeing signs with some other businesses being allowed to open that we may be getting close. We still have our outside classes and Zoom classes available to those paying dues. Once we do reopen we plan to keep some outdoor classes and Zoom classes available. We also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all of you who have been sending us your messages of support, it means more than you will ever know. And to those who have continued paying dues we will be forever grateful. 

Stay strong Belmont people, we will be back soon to help you get stronger and healthier than ever before! 


Jeffrey Cozart 

Principal Partner 

The  Belmont Athletic Club 



To quickly answer the first question most of you have; we have not received any word yet on our re-open date. I know how frustrating all of this is for many of you. Nobody is more disappointed than me. Tomorrow, July 20th, is our 40th Anniversary and we are spending this historic day closed! I have to repeat an earlier statement I made; we followed all of the protocols and had 0 reported cases of positive virus tests from either members or staff. The numbers of virus cases has risen statewide, but I do not believe gyms are part of the reason. And this recently released article helps to support my belief: https://www.clubindustry.com/commercial-clubs/reopened-gyms-aren-t-spreading-covid-19-says-ihrsa-letter-to-governors?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0dFd1pqVXlNMlk0WXpSaCIsInQiOiIzRnBpa1loWHdMK3MwUXROZUJTTW5SZHRzZ2VmbWI4Y2tjbXI1dVJJOVJZaXRaQWJ2S21wK1U0YWJhZERDbllkUXUrTUZvalVwK1Rmd1VURkVyeFRNNXRFUjB3RTNGMUF2YUNlQ1gxczVRYjl5SzJ6b25Gd0hWd3JNUUwrY2JPMFRVenBXYnRJRE5mNG9TNFFvcFZwY0E9PSJ9&mrkid=48660121

I would also like to once again thank everyone who have sent us well wishes and have asked us to bill them for next month’s dues. There is not any government assistance coming with this shutdown, so every membership we are able to bill means so much-Thank you!

If this shutdown goes into August, and you would like us to bill you for that month, please let us know with an email with your name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

Keep in mind that just because we are closed you can still get in a great workout in one of our Outside Group Exercise or Zoom Classes. We were able to offer these free the last time we were shutdown. However, this time we have to reserve use of these classes for active memberships. If you attend the classes your monthly dues will continue to be billed. You will need to sign up for each class on the class schedule page of our website: https://www.groupexpro.com/schedule/158/?view=calendar

We will stay in touch with regular updates, in the meantime, stay Belmont Strong™!



Starting tomorrow Tuesday July 14th, The Belmont, along with all fitness centers, will once again have to close due to a state wide order from the Governor today in response to the Corona Virus.  This news is hard to take; we were just starting to get going again. The Belmont was following all of the State and City mandates and had no cases reported.

 You will not need to do anything with your membership, if the closure goes into August we will not bill for those dues, or any other dues until we re-open. As for the time missed this month, we will do something to make up for it once we know how long we will be closed. 

 However, one bright spot, we can continue to offer outside group exercise classes and training. These classes and Zoom classes are offered to active members.  To sign up for any class please see the class schedule on our website.

https://belmontathleticclub.com/, click on Fitness>Group Exercise>Class Schedule.

As soon as we are allowed we will re-open again, we will be ready to provide you a clean and safe club once again. Stay Belmont Strong™!




The Belmont is Re-Opening!

We have finally received the requirements from the State of Calif.  and the City of Long Beach Health Department that will allow us to re-open your club on Friday June 12th.

With the re-opening you will see some changes in how the club looks and how we will operate. All of these changes are for the sole purpose of keeping you and our staff safe, and based on protocols directed by the Department of Health. Please keep in mind that some of these changes are temporary and are only needed for now to allow everyone to enjoy the club. Some Group Exercise class times have changed to allow time for sanitizing. We have added more sanitizing wipe stations and hand sanitizer throughout the club with signage to remind you to distance yourself from others wherever possible. The following is a list of changes and info. you will need to enjoy your visit:

  • Upon entering the club we will ask that you to allow us to take a quick temperature scan.
  • Masks are required to be worn by the staff. The State Health Authority has stated that masks are strongly recommended for members. We know that some of you have strong feelings regarding mask use one way or another, that is why we are deferring to the State’s Health Authority on this.
  • If you have not already done so please download our app (Belmont Athletic Club for iPhone and Android). You will need this for touchless check in and Group Exercise reservations.
  • Bring a water bottle. Drinking fountains can be used for bottle refilling only, not to drink from.
  • Racquetball can play singles only, no doubles. Basketball court can only be used by one person at a time.
  • We will not have childcare services available initially.
  • Steam, sauna, and spa are not available. Showers are available.
  • Amenities like our morning coffee, cucumber water, hair dryers, deodorant, lotion have to be removed for now.

You will need to reserve your space in Group Exercise classes on the app. The procedure for doing this has been sent out already and will be sent out again. With

  • limited space in the studio to allow for proper distancing reserving your space is the best way to ensure you can take your favorite class. Outside classes and online classes will be added for those who are not completely comfortable coming inside just yet.
  • Our hours have been temporarily shortened by one hour each day to allow time for extra sanitizing after hours. We will be able return to our regular hours soon.
  • Regular scheduled monthly billing will resume July 1st. Not being billed for the last two weeks of June will offset your lost time from the last half of March.

While we are speaking about the dues billing, I again want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who asked us to continue to bill your accounts while we were closed. The Belmont family is strong and your generosity showed us just how strong. We are forever grateful.

These protocols that the state and city have constructed are the key to us being able to re-open our club. However, there are two things that we have been told that will help everyone immensely, 1. Please wipe down your equipment, mats, weights, etc. before AND after use. 2. Practice social distancing. Spread out in the locker room, don’t use weight benches right next to someone else, and things like that. At some point this virus will be much less of a threat and many of these protocols won’t be needed, but until then if we all cooperate and work together life can soon get back to normal.




Now let’s talk about re-opening. Our current date for re-opening is a little vague. We are
considered to be category 3 which may let us open around June 1. We are anticipating having to
operate under certain safety conditions initially. Some things that may be implemented are
spacing of cardio equipment to allow for social distancing, temporal temperature testing upon
entering the building or if showing signs of sickness. We will have additional staff for the
purpose of sanitizing common areas surfaces throughout the day. We may need to limit group
exercise class size and have pre-signup for classes on the app. Use of masks may be required.
Some amenities like childcare, coffee bar, and cucumber water in the locker rooms will probably
not be available initially. We have added many more sanitizing wipe stations throughout the club
along with hand sanitizer. Some of you might prefer to exercise outside or at home for a while
after we re-open so we will offer classes in the park and continue to add to our online library. We
plan to follow the guidelines from the Health Dept. and the CDC at the time of re-opening.



The city of Long Beach has announced that the mandatory closing of our business must now last through May 15th. While this extension is disappointing to hear we can be encouraged by what many health professionals are saying about our efforts to combat this virus.

Please continue to follow us on social media and the newsletter for our online home workouts. If you aren’t getting the newsletter please send your email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To Belmont members and staff - Be Strong! We’ll be back home soon.





In order to comply with the L.A. County Board of Supervisors directive we are required to close our Club and Murphy’s Pub effective immediately to comply with all businesses being closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have reason to believe at this point in time that this closure will not exceed March 31st, but we will post updates as we become aware.

The important thing for the Belmont Athletic Club member to know is that you do not need to worry about your membership billing or change your status. All active memberships are being suspended for the remainder of March. You will be compensated for your lost time due to this closure.  And if this closure has to extend past the end of this month we will provide options for you regarding your membership. We know what a hardship this is for our members; it is also very much a hardship for our employees and employee owners. However we intend to make good use of this time while we are closed to make sure your club is ready to go the second we get notice. We also intend to offer some exercise classes outside in the park and possibly online. We will post information on that and any other changes as they happen on social media, and our website, along with email blasts. We very much appreciate your patience as we navigate this ever changing new territory. 


Jeffrey Cozart

Principal Partner



Outside classes:

Wed. 3/18 8am w/Marita at Granada Beach

Wed. 3/18 5:30pm w/Justin at Livingston Park

Thurs. 3/19 8:15am w/Erin at Bluff Park -Meet at first stair case on Ocean Blvd. and 36th Place

Fri. 3/20 6:00am w/Gary at Livingston Park -Bring a towel or mat

Fri. 3/20 9:15am w/Justin at Bluff stairs (Ocean & Orizaba)-CANCELLED

Sat. 3/21 9:15am w/Marita at Livingston Park.-CANCELLED



To Our Belmont Members,                                                           

All of our worlds continue to be upside down in our battle with the Covid-19 virus. Based on State and Local government requirements, The Belmont Athletic Club must remain closed until at least April 20 th. We will continue to keep you informed and adjust our availability to you based on what the government regulations will allow us to do.

We have taken advantage of this time to have some maintenance projects done that normally are very difficult to do when we are open 7 days per week. An example is we removed all 45 pieces of equipment from the Cardio Theater so we were able to sand and resurface the entire floor. That project is taking a full week to do.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many of you who have offered your support for The Belmont, both emotionally and financially, by continuing to pay your dues while we are temporally closed. Your expressions mirror our own in that you, as we, think of The Belmont as much more than a health club but as a Family who has served and been such an integral part of our community for 40 years.

A couple of business matters to include here. We are working on your lost membership time for March and unless you tell us differently, as so many of you have kindly done, we will not be billing you for April dues, only for any open charges for March. If you so generously wish to continue supporting The Belmont with your dues during this very difficult time for everyone, it would be so deeply appreciated. (If you wish your dues billing to continue while we are temporarily closed, please respond to this email with your name and member or phone number. Or you can email directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the same information.) To be clear, we will not bill your dues unless we hear from you differently or until we are allowed to reopen.

Back to the fitness business. While we are temporally closed, please stay as active as possible and continue to follow our social media for our daily Whiteboard Workouts that you can do at home and then log your workouts onto our app. We will continue to post updates via email, social media, and our website.

Thank you again for your kind words and support for all of us at The Belmont.  In the meantime, Stay Safe and  Be Strong........ Belmont Strong!

With Great Appreciation for all our Belmont Members,



Jeff and all the employee owners of The Belmont