Join because the Club...

Join so you can...

  • get into shape
  • make friends
  • have more energy
  • lose weight
  • train for a competition
  • de-stress
  • tone your body
  • live a healthier lifestyle




There are many reasons why we believe The Belmont Athletic Club is the right choice for you, whether it’s the personal service, friendly atmosphere, highly skilled trainers, or so much more. We thought you might want to hear from some of our current members on why they joined: 


"I hired a Belmont Trainer named Rob, started eating healthy and hit the gym almost every day. In ten months I lost more than 70 pounds and feel fantastic! My health would not be what it is today if it weren't for The Belmont. I consider the staff and other gym members to be part of my extended family."

- Eric Bond Member since 1987


“For almost 24 years I’ve taken aerobics classes.  I joined The Belmont to continue taking exercise classes.  But in listening to the instructors and watching trainers, I have learned the importance of weight training.  Under the guidance of the knowledgeable instructors, I’ve started lifting weights and really enjoy the new regimen!"

- Susan Terracciano Member Since 2009


“We initially joined The Belmont for some of the reasons that many people do… it’s very convenient and they have childcare.  However, we have stayed members for other reasons.  The Belmont is always upgrading its equipment and keeps it in good working order.  The trainers are very helpful and friendly.  What is really nice is that we have become friends with so many people here, both members and staff.  That’s why we’re still here… the Belmont is the place to be.”

- Judy Cannavo Member Since 1998


“I reached the point where I stopped losing weight through dieting and I had made all the sacrifices I was willing to make at the time, so I knew I needed some help. Help is just what I got when I walked though the doors at The Belmont.”

- Randy and Susan Frisk Member Since 1986


For more information call 562.438.1176 or stop by to tour the club at 4918 E. Second St. Long Beach, CA 90803.